Oxford Exchange

Capturing exchanges
within the pages.

A great brand is one people share. So when Oxford Exchange ranked as one of the country’s top 10 most Instagrammed restaurants just three years after opening – it was clear they were doing something right. Without any materials to clearly paint a picture for new investors and partners, our challenge was to capture its essence and put it down on paper.


Editorial Design
Art Direction

Natural lighting in abundance, every inch of the space was shot, capturing its beautifully curated design and the people who explore it.

Local movers and shakers were interviewed to share words on what the space meant to them and the impact it had on the community.





Creative Director 

Nate Carter

Art Director & Designer 

David Gonzalez


Dylan Melcher & Benjamin Hewitt

Portfolio Art Direction 

Alex Coyle & David Gonzalez

Portfolio Photography 

Louis Meschino


“Please, sir, I want some more.”
“As you wish.”


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